Down to 2 please help

I am putting together an i7-930 build and i need help choosing between 2 motherboards. I do plan on overclocking, but i am new to it.




After reading many reviews on different forums even the one here on Tom's,2614.html

I had picked the GIGABYTE but now Newegg has the ASUS on sale so they are the same price. :na:

Here is a link to my proposed build on the forums if it helps at all.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Toss a coin they are both great boards.
  2. I would go for the gigabyte, but thats jsut eprsonal preference. in my experience Gigabyte make the best motherboards. And asus boards have a habit of dying early.
  3. THG Recommends the Gigabyte, either UD3 or UD7.

    I like the Asus P6T.
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