Overclocking compatiblities of intel dz68bl

well i m looking ahead for upgrading my cpu
my budget is around 29k and i have decided on the following specs
core i5 2500k
intel dz68db mobo
2*2gb 1333mhz ram
1tb wd cavier green
zebronics platinum series 500w psu

pls give ur views on the above specs
now wat my concerns are that can i use my 2500k processor completely(overclock) with the current mobo. and if not pls suggest any better option of the same price bracket..............?
n also will there be any problem if after sometime i go ahead and upgrade to a dedicated grapic solution with this mobo....?
thnx in advance
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  1. Hi

    That Intel motherboard really isn't designed for overclocking due to its weak power phase design (4+1), however you should still be able to achieve a small overclock.

    All s1155 boards will have at-least 1 PCI-E lane so adding a dedicated graphics card shouldn't be a problem.
  2. thanx for ur advice but can u suggest any other board of the same price bracket n features but with better overclocking facilities............
  3. I will if you can post a link to the website you intend to buy from and a budget for the motherboard
  4. around 8500rs(150$). and as for the website nothing as such is decided.
  5. and abt the dz68db can i use the the unlocked multipliers without any problems..(weak power phase)..?
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