I3 vs. Core 2 for mobile laptop alienware

Intel® Core™2 Duo SU7300 1.3GHz (3MB Cache) vs. the new i3 series. Should I wait? I am looking at the new alienwarre M11x.
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  1. i3 isn't being offered in the M11x as far as I know. it's basically a netbook on steroids so cad/cam is probably out. but su7300 is a capable everyday task processor. I'm planning on picking up an M11x soon also, and I'll be springing the extra $100 for the SU7300. Also, SU7300 is going to probably have about twice the battery life of i3. If you don't care about battery life then M11x is probably not the best laptop for you.
  2. Thank You I just didnt know if I should wait for the i3. I want it because its small and portable.
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