Most quiet case fans of 2012?

Case fans continuously are introduced into the market with competitors calming they have the most quiet case fan.

I know this question has been asked before, but I was wondering as of today. Whats the absolutely quietest case fan (regardless of price) You have used?

I;m looking for... one
120mm Blue LED Fan (Intake)
one 140mm LED or Plain Fan (Exhaust)
one 120mm Fan (Exhaust)

I want to replace the fans that came stock in my case...

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Have a look here:

    The chart shows the DBa (noise level) of various fans. Just bare in mind that the ultra quiet fans usually run at a really low RPM and so won't have the best performance.
  2. Well, Noctua fans are universally accepted as pretty much the best of the "quiet" fans. Can't go wrong there. They're fugly as sin though with that maroon-beige color scheme.

    Personally, the "quiet" fans I've used are:

    Noiseblocker Multiframe and BlackSilentFan series
    Enermax T.B. and cluster series
    Scythe S-Flex series
    Vanteq stealth series
    Gelid TX series
    Silverstone SUSCOOL series

    Of the models I've listed, the ones I would not recommend are the Vanteq ones. Just horrible.

    For the others, I've had to volt mod both the Noiseblockers and the Gelid fans to make them quiet to my ears but they were pretty good otherwise. The Silverstone's were good as is, but they have a built in thermistor to speed up and slow the fans so I don't think I've ever heard them at full blast.

    My personal favorites of the bunch is the Enermax T.B. fans (and the clusters, but I don't think they make them anymore). They are relatively inexpensive, near silent, and the blades pop-out for easy cleaning. They have a batwing design that they claim helps boost airflow, but I can't verify that. They also come in 3-pin, 4-pin PWM, and LED versions.
  3. Rustyy117 said:
    Have a look here:

    The chart shows the DBa (noise level) of various fans. Just bare in mind that the ultra quiet fans usually run at a really low RPM and so won't have the best performance.

    Just wanted to ask how accurate are these "benchmarks"?

    Nearly every fan I've looked up had very different "marks" for the airflow and noise levels. So I'm just wondering what I should go by.

    I should go for the obvious Noctua fans, but jesus christopher reeves are they the ugliest things in the world.

    I was going to buy some Gelid Win12 UV Blue, but with this other comment saying they aren't that silent, hopefully the guy is just anal about noise levels like most people, and they aren't that noisy.

    They did get good ratings so I might stick to that. But just wanted to ask either from your personal opinion or from what you know is that site trust worthy?

  4. Aerocool Shark Blue 120mm with the low noise adapter.
  5. Get the Noctua NF-S12B Excellent Case Fans.

    If you want it dead silent then use the connectors provided to lower noise level

    Look there gives you a very good rundown on fans.

    Noctua fans aren't the most silent in terms of noise level, per what the site says. But, it does give some of the best airflow and silence compared to most fans.
  7. I'd do Noctua, the chicken skin and poo brown is a status symbol, right?
    That's what I tell myself at least.
    They're really quiet and still push a lot of air. I have 7 S12.
    I liked Red LED fans so I just got the NZXT sleeved LED kit for my case and it still looks lit.
    Best of both worlds.
  8. Thanks for that Dannoddd, already had Noctua fans, going to get a white sleeve kit. My case has like 20+ color lighting to chose from.
  9. Sweet man, glad you got it figured out. You should upload pix at some point.
  10. The true question is, when does quiet leave no useable cooling airflow left to do the job.
  11. Scythe Gentle Typhoons?
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