What do u guys think of my system?

not sure where to post so i put it here and cpu/components.

Hi guys i recently upgraded my computer to the following specs and was just wondering if this is a good setup and genuinly what u guys think comments appreciated.

Core 2 Quad Q9550 E0 running at 4.0ghz @ stock cooling
Asus p5q-se mobo
Samung sata 2harddrive.
Kingston hyper X DDR2 4gb 1066mhz memory running at 1081mhz
Ati 4870 512mb gfx.. ! upgrading soon to a newer card looking at GTX295/5870 or the newer nvidia in the new year.

what do u guys think?
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  1. o and i usually game at 1920x1080 res
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