DDR3 1066 vs DDR3 1333 This is My mobo This is my RAM (I am using a core i3 2120)

My mobo recognizes this RAM as 1066 RAM instead of 1333 even though it is on their supported memory list. I already updated to the latest BIOS. That was expected considering the cheap price. However, it allows me to manually set the RAM to 1333.
For 1066 my mobo give me 7-7-7-20 1.5v (Auto)
For 1333 .......................9-9-9-24 1.5v (Auto)

CPU-Z says my memory can run: 609MHz with 8-8-8-22 at 1.5v
Should I try to manually push it to: 667 8-8-8-22 and increase voltage a little bit? Not sure if my mobo can handle more volts.

Is there a big performance difference between the 3 options?

Thanks in advance.
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    You can run 1333/1.5v/9-9-9-24 or possibly 1333/1.5v/8-8-8-22. You won't need to increase voltage.

    My Asrock H61 automatically set my ram to 1333/1.5v/9-9-9-24, not sure why yours would default to 1066 unless you had a Celeron or Pentium G.
  2. Thank you. I have a core i3 2120.
  3. vehlor said:
    Thank you. I have a core i3 2120.

    You already mentioned that...
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