How to repair my dead motherboard

i have an asrock motherboard that was working quiet fine but when i transfer the components to another casing i wasn't getting anything from it, it didn't post and the monitor was blank, when i check the power supply the white (-5v) cable was missing and the power cord socket on it there is a switch that allows you to change the input voltage from 110v to 220v and vice versa was on 220v the whole time and when i try a working power supply on the board it didn't work still, can you help me in finding the cause.
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  1. Unless your in Europe or another country using 220 you should be using 115v. It's not uncommon to accidentally move that switch when handleing the case or power supply itself. Good news is you can't hurt anything if your in the usa because if it's set to 220v by accident it only supplies half the voltage neccessary to run the system. Typically the fans will run as long as there's 3v or more.
    Didn't really follow the "white (-5v) cable missing statement, are you talking about a 2nd new power supply? If so it may be a proprietary power supply built for a system which has no requirement for this connection, but it is still used on alot of systems today and should be there.
  2. Is your computer designed for 110VAC or 220VAC? Supplying 220VAC to a 110VAC computer will certainly fry something.
  3. i want to know that how to check dead motherboard
  4. yes tell me
  5. i want to know that how to recognize mother board model number and check it
  6. Here are some ways to check the make and model of your motherboard:

    1. Look at the computer case (back, side or top) - the make and model will be listed somewhere in plain sight. Now check the manufacturer's site for complete specs for your computer, including the motherboard model. (Of course you will need a working computer in order to do this).

    2. Open up your computer case. Look for a label/tag on the motherboard. This label/tag will state the model and serial number of your motherboard.

    3. Take the motherboard out of the case and examine it. This will definitely give you the make and model number of the motherboard. Serial number too.

    4. Make a personal visit to a computer store and describe your situation. In many instances, they will be able to help. I have done this by emailing digital pics of the inside of my computer, and then visiting the sore and discussing what I was looking for.

    The way to check for a dead motherboard is to assemble it in a different case and then try to power it up. Very involved procedure.
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