Will my video card fit in my motherboard?

So a year and a half ago I bought a Dell XPS/Dimension 420. Yesterday, my Geforce 8800GT died, so here I am!

All the new video cards require a stronger PSU than my current one (I only have a 425W psu), so yes I know I'll have to upgrade. I was thinking of getting:


Is that a good PSU?

I was thinking of getting either the ATI radeon 4850 or the 4890, but I am not sure if it will fit in my motherboard properly. Here are some pictures (not the best quality) I took of the insides of my computer:



A friend of mine said that my motherboard is backwards, so getting a PCI 2.0 card wouldn't fit properly because of the black box would be in the way (no idea what it does, I think it funnels air to the cpu?).

What do you guys think? I was thinking of getting either:

Radeon HD 4850

or Radeon HD 4890

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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  1. welll...considering you probably dont have pcie 2.0..i would save some bucks and look into a 9800gt for your rig

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