Which has more noticeable performance boost: OC CPU or vidoe card?

I'm looking to get the most out of my gaming build I just finished a couple months ago, and I'm finally getting up the courage to start overclocking. My build : Intel i5k 2500, 12gb ram, 1tb hdd, EVGA GTX 460's in SLI, and of course the cd/dvd drive. My question....Where will I notice the biggest boost from OCing? From overclocking the CPU or the Video cards? I hear the cpu plays a pretty vital role with more recent games, and that ocing the gpu is just icing on the cake. True or false?
Also I plan to use EVGA precision to oc the gpu and MSI Afterburner for the CPU, anyone recommend anything else that would work better/easier?
Thanks for the Input!!!
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  1. If you are running SLI 460's, then CPU OC would benefit, overall more than GPU OC.
  2. I would agree with Rubix's statement, but I would also add that there's no real reason for your to OC unless you just want to experiment. You're system is good enough that there won't be any noticable performance difference when gaming. For reference you can easily bump up your CPU multiplier to around 42-44 with all stock voltages. That will amount to around a 25% OC, but you're fps gains will likely be minimal.

    Also, unless I'm nuts or my version is really old, Afterburner doesn't allow CPU overclocking. That needs to be done through the BIOS.
  3. The i5 2500k is a beast in stock form as well as 460's in SLI ..As for your query, just push that CPU up above 4 GHz and watch her fly...Hell the 460's might bottleneck the CPU..J/K

    BTW.... OCing CPU, RAM, and MOBO should only be done through the BIOS
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