M4a79xtd evo audio problem

Hi, I just installed my new motherboard Asus M4A79XTD EVO, and first i didn't get any sound at all. and now I just get it in the left ear on my headphones, and it seems like it just support stereo etc. and not headphones ? what is wrong, appreciate any help!
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  1. also, I have first plugged in my pc-speakers first, then I got a little "remote" to my speakers that have a headphone jack and there is where I put in my headphone, but if I put my headphone jack directly into the computer and pull it out just a liiittle bit like 1-2mm I get low sound in both ears ?
  2. i have the same motherboard and i have a similiar problem, when i have my back speakers are plugged in, only the left speaker will play sound. Either you return the motherboard or get a sound card. I have tried to clean out the port where the speakers are plugged in but no luck. Unfortunatley i had to buy a soundcard.
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