Where To Start ??? First and Last!

I need help in Sketching out a blueprint for a custom machine , just to compare prices with a store model ....

Please feel free to e-mail me with any good ideas ... experience does count for something ;-)

reply to this post if you want to help !
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  1. Ok first of all what do you want to spend on a computer and what is the price of the store model your looking at...
    Second what do you do the most on a computer.. (GAMING,WEB-BROWSING,MUSIC,VIDEO)

    You will most likely spend from $400(Low-end computer) to $1600 (HIGH-end computer)
    A bit more info and you will get a lot more help ok...!!!!
  2. Please start here:


    Gives us a much easier format to start with.

    You could also check the sticky (the first few threads in the new build section) that give advice on picking parts, etc.

    We're happy to help, but with something so open ended as your request, it's tough to have a place to start. We'll need a budget, primary uses, date, etc.
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