The Disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection

whenevr i copy r perform any actions an error msg appears as disk is write protected or usedby another person... i read all the solutions but of no use...... i doesnt hav storagepolicies
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  1. 1) What kind of drive is this? SSD, which is the section you posted in? A flash drive?
    2) Is it your boot drive, another internal drive, or a removable?
    3) Have you used it in another system before?
    4) I recommend that you boot into safe mode (F8 when the Windows boot starts, select Safe Mode) and see if you can write to the drive.

    It could be broken, or you could have written the root directory on another machine so that it's protected against all users on your machine, or a background process could be eating it, or any number of things. Let's try to whittle it down.
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