What do you think of this imagery?

In a discussion for branding, we were talking about how the techie DIY build community might be marketed to. Being a uber techie myself I thought the following might be appropriate, but then I thought: I wonder if I am alone in this?

Could you give me your thoughts on the following?
In a home office setting, some modern furniture: The desk, chair, lamp are all modern and minimalistic. There is really cool, really custom gaming computer occupying the desk space. There is half drunk nice glass of scotch and some cigars on each end of the desk. This is all set in a high office with a nice night-time view of the city and floor to ceiling windows.

What do you think?
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  1. ....ok?

    Interesting "imagery". If your trying to get at the custom gaming PC is out of place - why not make a custom case that matches the style of the SOHO.

    So, what company do you work for? That's the real question.
  2. Well it is all so dated and common in the sense that it has been used before. The computer occupying desk space is just clutter. Scotch and cigars....rofl. Sorry the entire thing is just so amateur and phoney.

    My opinion.
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    Yup, sounds like a seventies era ad to me, you think a real gamer would dull his senses with alcohol?
    Or waste upgrade money on cigars?
    fake ad, no faith in the imagery you are trying to set up,
    You want the tech crowd onboard?
    Give us a simple product that is desirable for performance and works
    *edit, in fact if it works and is simple, it becomes desirable by proxy
  4. I think your describing a Mac user. Replace the scotch and cigars with Cheetos and Mountain Dew and you'll be on target.
  5. I don't work for a company that is trying to grab your attention. Unless you would consider Lockheed Martin in that marketeer group. I had a friend who is trying to market to techies ask me how I would do it and I was simply tired of seeing the 'same old' ads in Toms, Anandtech, arstech etc so I thought that type of ad described above would be fresh, new, different. That's all. I don't have that kind of money but I am a city guy and would spend buckets on my office area if I could. Highest priced item being my PC.

    I will definitely let him know what you guys thoughts are and indeed I may be alone on it lol But I do game and have enough money to enjoy a mature drink and cigars and it doesn't impair my abilities in FPS at all (Cuz I don't need to get drunk or tipsy to enjoy one)
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  7. Thank you for B.a. man, best of luck in the marketing though
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