Torn between 870 vs 890GX Asus Motherboard

This is my first build and I can't decide between these two motherboards for my Phenom II X4 955:

Asus M4A87TD EVO

I don't know whether the $50 price increase justifies the purchase of the latter. I don't plan to crossfire but what draws me to the 2nd is the better onboard audio, which is important to me. I won't be using the integrated graphics though. Will there be a noticeable performance increase in choosing the 890GX chipset against the 870 chipset? Will there be more overclocking potential? Is an 8+2 phase power design more beneficial than an 8+1 phase power design? Thanks in advance.
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    I had planned to purchase the M4A87TD EVO to save money too. However, I did find a bundle offer from Micro Center that brought the price down $40USD. If you do not plan to crossfire EVER, I would save the money. The M4A89GTD Pro just gives you that extra option for later.
    Sorry I don't have any comments about the phase power design.
  2. Ya I ended up getting the M4A87TD EVO. First one I got came defective though, still waiting for the second.
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