Future architecture speculation thread

Ok, the point of this thread is to discuss what everyone thinks and/or knows about upcoming CPU archs. The point isn't for accurate info (duh...) but just so others may learn stuff they didn't from someone else, and vice versa. Also i just find discussions about not yet released products to be a little more interesting than constant arguing about current chips.

I will start off with a few questions and links:

Do you think that Intels Sandy Bridge is going to be a huge performance increase, or just a polishing of the arch like k10.5 was to k10?

Do you think AMD's Fusion chip will blow other cpus out of the water due to supposedly having "teraflops performance on a cpu"?

Do you think AMD's Bulldozer is just a measly power efficiency upgrade or will it bring serious IPC and performance increases?

And now here are some interesting things to read:



Sandy Bridge-
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  1. i thought it was a good idea....
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