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Hi guys. I recently bought a SSD and I followed all the instructions to the letter and even had the guys at OCZ guide me through everything but now when I boot up my computer everything is fast except for mid boot when the screen is black with white text and says, "Loading Operating System........................................" and takes about 15-20 seconds until it proceeds. This causes it to be slower than my HDD -_-. I'll list my specs bellow but I've got ACHI enabled, I unplugged my HDD while doing a fresh install of Windows 7 onto my SSD. Both HDDs are in their proper ports. I'm not sure what other info you'll need so just let me know.

Core i7-2600k @ 4.4
8GBs of Corsair Vengeance
Gigabyte z68a-D3-B3
1TB WD 7200rpm(HDD)
60GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD
Sapphire Radeon 6970 2GB
875 PSU

I'll try any suggestions!

Thanks, Kevin.
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  1. Cold boot or from hibernate/sleep?
  2. Does it on both.
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