My monitor or my Video Card?

hi guys i just recently purchased a LG W2753V-PF Black 27" LCD monitor and i have an evga GTX 280 video card. After i got the new monitor i have noticed that when i play videos on youtube in fullscreen mode after a few seconds of playback it the picture freezes but the audio is still going..i have no clue on how to fix plays fine when not in fullscreen mode but freezes after about 10 seconds of play in fullscreen mode? any ideas guys? thank you. ive never encountered this problem when i was using my 22" LCD. is it due to the higher resolution ? please help. Thanks
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  1. Could be that flash GPU acceleration. May help to update your version of flash and your video drivers. I doubt it's your monitor.
  2. My friend was having a similar problem on a newly built system with an HD5770. I figured it was an issue with the HD5770 drivers as it's a new card but if it's happening with a GTX 280 too that makes me think it's an issue with the most recent version of flash instead. In any case turning off GPU acceleration fixed the problem.
  3. how do i disable GPU acceleration?
  4. Right click on the screen and then settings.
  5. right on. thank you. fixed the problem. ^^
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