Upgrading my psu on my computer

I am updating the power supply on my computer from a ultra x3 850 watt to a ultra x4 1050 watt and i tested the power supply and the power supply reads at 4.5 on my 8pin 5 volt rail that i use for my computer and was wandering what the 4.5 was below what it should be.the power goes from 4.7 to 4.5 when i run the test and the tester is beeping so i was wandering if the power supply should be returned or if it is ok.
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    SInce it's out of specs, you should return it.
  2. According to Version 2.2 of the atx standard, the tolerance limits for a +5 volt rail is a minimum of +4.750 volts and a maximum of +5.250 volts.

    I checked several references. The X4 was supposed to be an improvement over the X3 but there's still a bit of a minor problem with voltage regulation and sub par Power Factor Correction (PFC). Technical reviews were mixed.
  3. thank you all for your quick response i will return for a new unit
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