Watercooling 7950 - do I need a backplate?

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  1. You don't need one, it just looks nicer and keeps dust off the back of the Pcb,
    *edit, remember to find out if your card is reference or not before ordering fullcover blocks
  2. How would I know? My card looks like this:
  3. Image isn't working, post brand and variant of card, or a link
  4. Click that first link, and tell me what it says above your address bar at the top :P
    Non-reference card, so those blocks will not fit, you are looking at universal blocks and ramsinks there mate, no bad thing as you can use those on your upgraded card in the future as well
  5. Still didn't see anything :P

    I actually found a website online to enter my harware info and this it what is said:

    So I guess this is a reference design?
  6. The link you posted I referred to, in non-hyperlink format.
    Says non-ref to my eyes, but the cooling configurator you posted has a list of what will fit and any restrictions therein like plate adaptors etc
    but as I may have mentioned to you before, avoid EK Nickel,
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