What is code 7F & 3F (EVGA)

I'm getting post codes of 7F and 3F on my EVGA motherboard. I just recently installed a waterblock and it might be because of this. The monitor does not turn on but the actual computer seems to be running
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  1. As in the computers not starting up? It gets stuck on those codes? How can it get stuck on two at once? Your post is not very clear so the best thing I can do is link to a post code chart. This is for the Award BIOS I'm not sure if its the same though it should be.

  2. It gets stuck on either one randomly. I believe it is my GPU since i switched out my 5870 for my old one and it works perfectly fine now. I guess it times to RMA..

    My 5870 also doesn't work with my 2nd comp
  3. Does the computer ever start up?

    Do you have enough wattage to power your 5870?
  4. It seems to start up. I can hear my harddrive working, led fans, mouse, keyboard, etc seems to work. I plug in the original cooler and for some reason its working at 100% speed.

    I have an Antec Truepower 650 powersupply that has been working perfectly fine, unless it's dying but it's only 6 months old
  5. Hmmm well it seems like the card is dud....
  6. 7F on my old eVGA 680i board meant that you completed the POST but something was causing the boot process to hang. My eVGA manual says that 3f is "reserved".
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