My factory overclocked card underclocked itself

My factory overclocked msi gtx 580 automatically underclock itself and I have no idea why. The core clock is supposed to be at 832mhz and I noticed on afterburner that it is now at 772mhz. What would make this happen. How could I fix this. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Rob...
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  1. Overheating?
  2. I don't think so. In BF3 I'm get around 54C in temps.
  3. Can you not just OC it back to the factory OC using afterburner?
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    The driver may have failed; but in some cases the error can come from the game itself. Essentially it throttles because it doesn't need full power. Uncommon, but does happen.

    What I would do is use your overclock utility; default to factory speeds. The next thing I'd suggest is run this:

    Or follow manual steps:

    Sometimes after the driver fails; it doesn't re-register with your Operating System Key. After you've done those two steps; reboot your machine. Open up your game and it should be running at your factory clock you set.

    If it is running at your factory clock; then close and start Overclocking again. As I said when that happens it's usually related to your Overclock causing a fail to your driver. Hope that helps; if you need any more assistance let me know.
  5. Thanks guys. I just manually overclocked it back to specs. I did just update the driver so that was probably it. Thanks for the help.

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    nYour welcome, happy to help.
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