AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE vs AMD Athlon II X4 630

Im upgrading my system in a week or so, decided to go with amd scince im on a pretty tight budget, but I just cant decide which cpu to get. Im going to be useing the machine primarly to do a bit of vm work etc, with light gaming on the side(wow, eve online, mass effect). I know that some x3's have an unlockable 4th core, but im not counting on it anyway. Just wondering on which is the better cpu on paper at stock etc, though I probably will try a little overclocking, but only on the heat sink that comes with. Theres a $4nz differnce between them both( is the place im shoping with).

Basicly will a 4th core be much of a help with running vms etc(im thinking yes), and is there really a perfomance boost with the x3 having a l3 cache. is the mother board im going to be useing.
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  1. At stock, the PhenomII will have an advantage in single and dual threaded applications and programs that don't use 4 cores. For the few programs that actually do use 4 cores, I'd say the AthlonIIx4 has a slight advantage.

    If there is only a $4 difference, I'd probably get the PII x3 and try to unlock the 4th core. If not, the PIIs are good overclockers. (same with AthlonIIs)

    Pretty similar for most results, athlon wins for encoding video and such, but phenom wins on gaming results, rest is really really close..
  3. Thanks for the replies and thanks for the benchmark link. I'll more than likley be getting the x3.
  4. Quote:

    No i hadnt considered it, but any way its not avalible from were im going to be getting it ( )
  5. Wow more kiwis then i expected there to be lol XD
    And yea, for some reason new zealand hasnt got the 4860s or the athlon tri cores... kinda sad really
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