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Alright, well i bought 2 EVGA GTS 250 1gb graphic cards, The driver Cd's that came with it only work with Vista and Xp, I have windows 07, and i went to the graphic card site to Download drivers for 07, when it ask when type of graphic card i have, none of them say Geforce GTS 250, only 200 series and 8/9 series and 6/7 series and 5series, I dont get which drivers i need to download to make my Graphic cards work, This may be a newbie question, but its just irritating bc i dont know how to get around this. If anyone can help that'll be nice, i have the windows 7 64 Bit BTW
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    Your card is a 200 series, hence the 250 in its name. It doesn't really matter anyway because all Nvidia cards since the geforce 6 series use the same drivers.
  2. Thats what i was thinking, i just wasn't sure, thank you though, i clicked it but it said it wanted to change my 3d option so i chose No bc i didnt want to mes anything up, But yeah Thanks
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