Iomega 320GB Hard drive not recognised.


My Iomega 320GB Hard Drive is not recognised by my computer, nor any of the other computers I have available to me at the moment (All three are laptops, two running Win7 Starter the other running Win7). I have tried Disk Management, I have checked if it was the cable by using it with another Hard Drive but both did not work. The device is getting power as the light shows and it vibrates. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. 1) Did it ever work before?
    2) Is there data on it that you need?
    3) Simplest test: can you try a different cable (USB or eSATA or whatever?)
    4) Do you have the experience to take the drive out of the external case and attach it to the motherboard of a tower case directly, to rule out issues with the case?
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