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Hi all having a few issues with my mobo temp as well as my cpu temps.

Motherboard: 51 degrees Celsius

CPU: 28
CPU#1/Core #1 : 58
Core#2 : 56
Core#3 : 58
Core#4 : 56

Using a Q9450, coolermaster usp100 casing, Xfx radeon 5770xt, Gigabyte Ep35-ds3

Please help guys.
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  1. Are these temperatures at idle?

    Do you have enough airflow in the case? Enough fans, good cable management, etc.

    Are you using the stock intel cooler? Maybe you should reseat it.

    Hope that helps.
  2. Yup temps at idle. One fan in front one behind and one i just added at the side. Cables are a bit messy though.. Yes using a stock intel cooler. How should i reseat it?
  3. Where are you reading your temps from? Read the temp from the BIOS and report it.

    Also do you reckon you seated the HSF properly? They are such a pain to install, I had to do it one time NEVER again. =[
  4. Intel push pin design is EASY i dont know why people say otherwise, iv built/repaired close to what, 5000 machines in the last 3 years and no dramas with the design - try reading up and learning how to use them correctly?
  5. Hey guess I'm getting my readings from Everest. Not a very reliable source huh?
  6. Yeah I guess maybe it was hard because it was my first time.

    Just check the temps in the BIOS and report it.
  7. Ok just check in bios and it Cpu was at 45 degrees celcius. Now could you tell me how i can check my gpu temp?
  8. 45 degrees seems a bit more respectable. HW Monitor will tell your your GPU temps.
  9. Thanks bro!
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