Computer keep restarting after installing ati display driver for hd 58


I have bought a new msi hd 5850 graphics card, and after installing the card, everything works fine. I can connect my screen through the gfx card port, but when I instal the ati display driver given with the cd, and boot my system it crashes just before the window logon screen.

My configuration is:
MB - Asus P5Q-VM
C2Q Q9550 2.83GHz
2 GB Physical memory (800 Hhz)
320 Gb WD Hard disc
PSU - Atek 600W
MSI HD5850 gfx card

First I have tried installing in vista
then I tried in XP sp3
Then I tried windows 7
and every time i have got same problem of crashing just before the windows logon screen.

The driver version in the cd was 8.66 RC7
Even I tried with the latest version of driver from ATI and MSI sites. But no result.

Is there any hardware compatibility issue, or driver problem.
Also can be there a bios update problem, I have bios version 400. however I have seen version 2001 already out on Asus site.

Please help.
Any info regarding this will be helpful to me.
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  1. PSU - Atek 600W??? What amperage have 12v rail? Is a poor and very dangerous choice for a high end video card. It seems that this video card is protecting her self. :p
    And get the latest driver from AMD site.
  2. I have tried latest driver from the amd site,
    but do not help..
  3. Id say your generic PSU is the culprit.
  4. As the PSU is not branded that's what U want to say..
    But it is 600 Watt, more than 500 Watt( minimum power required to run this card)
  5. Best answer
    A generic PSU, as it can be one branded Atek , still ,with a 600 Watt tag on it, is a generic,unreliable PSU.
    More info's here:
    I was making some research to find Atec Psu on internet and i finally funded...only this:
  6. Thanks for all the replies and help...
    The problem was with the drivers.
    The shop where I bought the card make the driver update correctly...
    I dont know I too downloaded the latest driver from amd and MSI site, but they were not working properly.

    But now the card is working properly.
  7. Lol and he was cursing ATEK :p

    I also have ATEK 600WATTS PSU and it can run my ATI 5670 Easily without any problem and doesnt even get hot.

    Had to buy this cheap PSU cuz when i bought 5670 it burned my cabinets inbuilt PSU lol :P
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