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So i oc my q6600 t0 3ghz with vcore of 1.2625 the temp tested with prime 2hrs the temp went from core0 57-71 core 1 58-70 core2 53-54 core3 53-55 but speed fan from 57-61 it is safe ???
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    Yeah it's cool. If temperatures reach 70º then I'd get a little worried. 80º and I'd stop there. Sure it can probably take more but you don't wanna fry it
  2. Taking the Q6600 from 2.4 to 3.0 is basically a free overclock. I've never heard anyone having stability problems at that speed
  3. Sounds fine. Use punctuation in your awful sentence.
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  5. yeah!!! Thanks pearlmam. I know my sentence is awful at least they get what i meant.Btw this is not a correct sentence or grammar section or punctuation section. Are you happy now ?? I'm using punctuation now:D
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