4850 or 4770



Is the 1 GB worth it? (1280x1024, low amounts AA and AF)

Is 128 bit gddr5 faster than 256 bit gddr3?

Please keep in mind that msi card is slightly factory oc'd at 900mHz instead of 800.

Which is better for overclock btw? I am assuming it'd be the 4770.
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  1. 1gb doesn't matter at that resolution. 128-bit DDR5 vs 256-bit DDR3 is basically a wash. Either of those cards should be great for that resolution especially if you don't feel the need to max out AA.
    Both of those cards aren't available if you didn't notice BTW. This is a nice deal;
  2. I know they out of stock, but trust me, I can them from the egg... its a secret though, shhh...

    Yeah Sapphire is a good deal, but that msi one looks so sweet! Anybody want to answer my other questions?
  3. Have you considered a GTS 250? It's on par with an HD4850 and then you can go with your beloved Sparkle :p
  4. GTS250 would be my choice as well. Since its par with HD4850 and also you can have PhysX. 1GB will only be helpful if you are playing at a higher resolution or games like GTA IV or Crysis!
  5. That sparkle card has a bad cooling unit though, also needs 2 power connectors, I'd get a 512mb 4870 if I was gonna use 2 power connectors.
  6. If ATI - Sapphire..
    If GTS250 - EVGA. Both cost almost the same. There's very little price difference between the 1GB and the 512MB versions!
  7. 4770 is way better for oc .
  8. wait , the 5750 beats the gts 250 , 4770 , 4850 and has good ocing room . wait for some time , there would be a 512 mb version , around 20 cheaper than the current 1gb version .
  9. I assume since none care about the msi card being OC'd, it isn't that big of a deal. I was sort of under the impression that the 5750 wasn't better than those cards and its only advantage was dx11 and whatever else HD 5000's get.
  10. the msi is already overclocked by 100 mhz , so dont expect more on that . also you dont need 1gb at all for 1280x1024 .
  11. sparkle_ftw said:
    I assume since none care about the msi card being OC'd, it isn't that big of a deal. I was sort of under the impression that the 5750 wasn't better than those cards and its only advantage was dx11 and whatever else HD 5000's get.
    The MSI card being OCed isn't a big deal because it can easily be done on your own(almost definitely with better results.) So it doesn't really matter that it is done ahead of time.
    Here is the relative performance of various cards at your resolution vs the HD5750, including the 2 you are looking at
  12. Hahaha, my current card is the last one on the list! Do you think I could overclock the Sapphire one more than the msi one? the core heatsink looks better of msi but ram thingies don't have any on it...

    *edit* ^I'm talking about 4770's
  13. WTH is an HD4860?
  14. Supposedly it is 40nm like 4770. In fact it seems to be an underclocked 4770 with 256bit bus.
  15. http://www.overclock.net/hardware-news/621185-newegg-ati-radeon-4860-now-sale.html

    This thread says it is 55nm... I don't want it anymore.
  16. that 4860 looks sweet, price is not bad either....
  17. i say just get the 5750. its near the same price and has dx11 with similar performance.
  18. Nah, there are dx11 games that'll be good that have been able to find yet. (Except bf3, but that isn't until laaaaater, like 2011). Besides if 1 gb isn't a big deal at 1280x1024, I won't pay for it. I'll get a 5750 512mb next year, if they ever exist. For now the HD 4770 should do the trick. 4860 is cool and all, whatever. 5750 needs more aftermarket coolers anyway, powercolor has the right idea.
  19. The 4770 is a weak card, even though it can handle 1280x1024 when it is time to up the xAA you will hit a wall. The 5750/5770 is a MUCH better card, does not run hot, not sure why you posted that it does, and the fact that it is DX11/eyefinity ready makes it a no-brainer.
  20. newegg has a sappire 4770 for 99 . howwzat ? !!
  21. Meh, I would still save up for a 5750/5770, this way you won't have to upgrade sooner than later. But that is just me =)
  22. @OvrClkr : me , i am using an old 4850 on a new p55 build , because i had the budget for a $260 5850 before they went up 50$ . now weeks later i do have 320 dollars but waiting hopefully (read still finishing older games again) , for nvidia to come in january max . otherwise ill just pre order a 5850 ! waiting sucks and as the 5850 is still attractive at 310 , i may give it all up.
  23. Don't wait on Nvidia, chances are that we will not see any 3 series cards till March/April.

    Here, they just came in fresh out the oven :

    XFX HD-585A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5850 (Cypress Pro) 1GB

    More :


    but hurry cause these wont last long, specially the cards that are priced at 309.99$
  24. Which of the Ati or Nvidia can play NFS Shift?The HD 5850 is quite expensive and its above my budget. I'm thinking of 5750/Gts 250 but i'm only using 200wt PSU and cannot afford to buy another PSU.
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