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Idea for a fully 3D experience, well almost, but could be with work

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December 6, 2009 3:22:01 AM

I am creating a monster machine surround system, money is no issue, and want to push commercial computing to extremes. What I propose would require hacking, moding hard ware hacking, programing ect ect, but think about this idea I have

I am using a Triple Monitor 2 Go ( )

with 3 projectors with a TrackIR5 ( )

and wonder a few things...

1) When using the Triple Monitor 2 Go you cannot use crossfire or SLi, but would it be possible to use 2 Triple Monitor 2 Go's and use 2 graphics cards, would it be possible to use each graphics cards for each Triple monitor 2 Go, and have 6 projectors hooked up thus being able to project in every direction, and it put into a room with the the corners rounded and make some sort of VR room???

2) then I would need to have multiple TrackIR 5's so that no where my head is, the IR reflectors can be read and located.... so I would need to probably hack the program that comes with TrackIR5 and change it, or make my own...

3) So now after this I want to get a computer macroing foot petal ( and use that to move the character... then my next hurtle is instead of a mouse I would need to use something different.. would there be any way to make a guncon style thing, or would that interfere with the IR?

Think about it.... surround projectors with head tracking, where you stand in the middle, with a light gun, or Some that mimics a light gun......

4) Then maybe use Nvidias 3D Vision and make it all 3D with the glasses lol...

Then after that we have a sick surround sound... can anyone recommend one to fit this build?

Like Flight sims would be un real.. hell, anything would be!

now at first you cant make it fully 360 because obviously games do not make it so you can see 360, but one can always dream......

there is probably many technical reasons as to why I cannot build this, but I think I might be on to something here...

I am actually thinking of making a custom case for 3 projectors and put all the components of 3 projectors into 1 case because 3 projectors hooked up at once is probably all I will be able to do without hard core hard ware hacking and what not

I am soo bored with Computing in general... the hard ware companies are choking the market, and squeezing every last penny out of old useless hard ware... seriously, the technology is there to create amazing things, its just the gaming companies, the computer hard ware companies, everyone is just making more of the same, over and over and over and over again..

Take The Wii mote hacks Johnny Lee did ( ) Hell, they where affriad to release the ps2 because it was possible to use it to be the brain of a missile :S

Seriously, cant anyone see how all the companies are just milking their old hardware and not really progressing?? All the renaming, re-branding, releasing the same product, but set differently, at way different prices (AMD Phenom 2 550 is a quad core, with 2 cores disabled) Mouses have been the same for how long? seriously, think about it, isn't it time that we upgrade this old tech? come on, there is so many people with awesome ides, and inovations, yet the major companies drown them all out with there old ass tech ***...

Power to hardware hackers

P.S - If you think you might like to get into hard ware hacking check out i really recommend it.. you will be amazed by what you can do with tech that is already easily accessible..

So, would it be possible? Do you have any suggestions, comments, ideas or even criticism??¿?¿?

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December 6, 2009 12:14:26 PM

slimebucket said:
"Idea for a fully 3D experience, well almost, but could be with work "

that would be life. But go easy on the work, it sucks