2 D-Link Wireless Routers.


I currently have a D-Link DI-524 wireless router connected to 20mb Virgin Broadband located on the ground floor of my house. My house is rather large and I am able to connect wirelessly on the ground and first floor with no problems, however on the second floor or to the back of the first floor I get a very weak signal which means I'm unable to stay connected or sometimes to connect at all.

Now my question is can I connect a spare D-Link DIR-301 wireless router to a PC on the first floor and use it to boost the signal to the rest of the house? If so does this need to be connected via the ethernet port on the first router or can this be done wirelessly?

I've been waiting for Virgin to send me a D-Link wireless N router (Which I hope will solve the issue all together) but there customer service is piss poor! Each time I call I'm told the same thing "Sorry the wireless router wasn't booked correctly, or it wasn't booked at all" to which I'm told it will be with me in 3 working days, well I've been waiting for around 2 month's now and still no luck.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. You can always bridge two (or more) wireless routers via wire.


    But wireless bridging requires that both support WDS, or one or the other be reconfigurable as a repeater bridge, neither of which is likely w/ those D-Link models.
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