CAS Latency or Dual-channel more important?

i wanna know what is more important Dual-channel or case latency of the ram

i mean if i would buy 2 stick each one has 1 gb and case latency 6 to make dual channel or buy 2 gb (1 stick )ram and case latency is 4 or 5????

so what is more important ??? and why ??

and thanks in advance
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  1. Part of the equation also depends on what you use your PC for most of the time.

    In my case I'm not a gamer so I prefer going with Dual Channel and it's ability to deal with more bandwidth.

    If someone is into a lot of gaming or 3D then faster access which is tied to latency might be preferable.

    I realize it's a bit dated but this article might give you a better idea of what the differences are.........
  2. CAS 4 or 5 will be faster, but the dual channel will move more data. The two are not quite the same thing.

    Imagine: you are moving. Which do you want - a fast, zippy little two seat sports car or a station wagon towing a trailer? :)
  3. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Both are important. In ur case the best option are CL4 or CL5 since a lower CL means a faster RAM.
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