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have decided to replace motherboard in acer aspire m3641 core 2 quad(old one dead and replacement from us £100 would like to spend no more than this for replacement lga775 and nvidia board would be good with hdmi out tryed getting a gigabyte ga e7aum ds2h but out of stock any ideas for new board .help i have not rebuilt a pc before
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  1. Do you only want a Nvidia chipset ? because this Gigabyte has an Intel chipset but its a good choice
  2. wuld prefer anvidia chipset but oter would do if you think i could get it up and running without to many problems.
  3. That board will work just fine.
    Intel socket 775 boards with Nvidia chipset is quite hard to find
  4. ok good can probably fit it in and how good will it be with a blue ray player at present hdmi out to my tv(present board size 24.5 x24.5) or can you suggest any one who is still selling gigabyte ga e7aum ds 2h or is this option a waste of time and money .
  5. I couldn't find that anywhere,it seems its out of stock in every site.
  6. well any other ideas becouse psu (micro atx 24.4 sq) in way of your suggesgion and would like hdmi output at back if poss.
  7. Maziar said:
    I couldn't find that anywhere,it seems its out of stock in every site.

    am going to buy ga eg41mft us2h is this wise and do you think it will work with no problems thank you for your help.
  8. I would still recommend the one i linked in my first post(GA-EP45),but if you can't get it then yes the GA-EG41 should work fine
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