Can not access my hard drive after install windows 7 on my new ssd

recently i bought a new kingston hyperx 120g ssd and after a clean windows 7 install i can't access my old 1tb hard drive. It does show up in my bios and my intel RST.but the usage is unknow under Manage Disk tab..It just wont show up in my system and it did not show up in Disk Management either.

Maybe this happened because when I was trying to install windows i formatted my 1TB hard drive(misclick cuz i thought i clicked the ssd)and i exit windows 7 installer after i formatted the hard drive without doing anything eles then i reboot and installed my windows on my ssd.

Anyone has any idea what the problem is?
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  1. ill toss what i know in the pot from my experience with this so far.

    i installed a vertex 3, running the sata controller in AHCI. fress windows install. before installing intel RST my WD Black 1TB showed in windows. After, gone.

    If i run the sata controller in IDE I can see the WD Black again.

    I should also point out I have multiple other storage hard drives, that are all showing fine. Its just that one WD Black 1 TB that doesnt show in AHCI with intel RST intalled.

    Personally, im just going to switch that one drive over to the marvell controller and run that in IDE. There is probably a better fix.
  2. Try formatting the disk in windows. The drive won't show up anywhere except in the hardware device area. Once you reformat the disk and assign the typical name, drive, whatever you want, it'll show up again. Well, should. No promises ;).

    Edit: I should say I had to do this when I installed a new HDDs in my computer. They don't show up in windows unless I dig through the device manager. I had to format them in the OS. Quick format works for this purpose. Once you assign the drive letter (Such as "D:, F:, etc") it would then show up.
  3. thank you guys for helping me, i have done some research that some guy states its the drivers problem but i am not sure heres the link

    neon i have a gigabyte z68 board and i am having trouble finding which is intel and which is marv sata controlers. but once i figure it out i will try ur method,thanks again.

    phyco i can not find it in device manager i can only see it in my bios and in intel RST software so formatting it again will be impossible but thank u for ur help
  4. ok guys great news i just fixed my problem. seems the guy on youtube was right i uninstall all my hard disk related drive in device manager and after reboot my pc automaticly installs the driver i uninstalled and boom there we go,my 1tb hard drive showed up.
    Thanks for those who trys to help!
  5. hey, thanks for finding the solution. i have the same problem ^^
  6. No problem neon, I just found out what the exact problem was. once i installed the INTEL RST 10.6 driver my hard drive will not show up in my computer(only shows up in bios and RST)so I have to uninstall that driver again and use the Standard AHIC 1.0 SATA Controller. Hope this helps you folks whos having trouble with your hard drives.
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