Need advice on my soon-to-be PC

When it comes to computer parts or anything related to it, i'm kinda confused about all the parts. Therefore, I came here to seek some help/advices. In 2 or 3 months, i'll be getting my new rig. I have build myself a PC from website here.

Mainboard :---------------------- Gigabyte-GA-p55-ud3p p55 (2.66 Hz)
Hard Drive :----------------------Seagate 500gb
Memory :--------------------------PC 8500/1066 kingston hyperX 4GB
Graphic card :-------------------Sapphire HD5850
Operating System -------------Windows Home Prem 7
Keyboard and mouse :------- Logitech G1 gaming desktop black
Casing:----------------------------CM Elite 310 red
LCD :-------------------------------Samsung P2050 20" LCD Black
PSU :-------------------------------OCZ modxsteam-pro 600 watts
Internal DvD Writer :----------Samsung s223 22x DvD+-RW (SATA)
DvD Rom :------------------------LG 16x DvD ROM SATA

The problem i am currently facing is, i dont really need a uber powerhouse; i dont plan to play demanding games like crysis. I'll be playing games like cod, battlefield series, GTA4, etc. Due to some budget limitations, i had to get cheaper mainboard. The alternative i am looking for is Asus M4A785TD-M EVO VGA/GBE/A/DDr3 (Phenom II X4 965 black ).
But i am wondering if this mainboard will cause a bottleneck to the cpu. I want to get cheaper mainboard, but not one that will cause bottleneck to the CPU. Of course i wish the overall pc would be as cheap as possible but still retaining hd 5850

*Edit : I dont plan to crossfire it, or overclock it, probably because i dont know how :??: .
I plan to use this rig for some heavy-causal gaming for the next 5+years or till this rig breaks down; i dont plan to upgrade anymore because im a poor man who cant afford new parts once i get this PC
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  1. If you not running CF/SLI there won't be an issue and i suggest the X4 925 actually for non OCer and go for Gigabyte 770T-UD3P or Asus M4A77TD-Pro Lastly at least 23" LCD (think you can afford with your budget) for most enjoyable experience using rig for just about anything hehe
  2. Yeah, save some money by going with a cheap-s mobo. Those you listed are for overclockers. You can get 'em and not overclock, but it's just bragging rights. Then use the savings to get a faster cpu or something else. Any sub $150 USD AM3 mobos will do. You won't see a difference between the cheap & expensive mobos if you don't o/c.

    Also, the ram is DDR2? Make sure it's the same as the mobo supports. Look for DD3. Both AM3 & 1156 sockets use DDR3. There are exceptions for hybrid boards.

    The rest of the selection looks good.
  3. are there really any differences in phenom black 965 and phenom black 955, because in some reviews, it was stated that 965 performs close, if not similar to 955. Any idea?

    and, will 3gb DDR3 memory be weaker than 4gb DDR2 memory? The shop doesnt offer 4gb of DDR3 memory :(
  4. It is stated that C3 965BE requires less voltage for the same clocks but if you not looking for HC clocks just go with w/e chip is cheaper What i meant is 2 x 2 GB DDR3 not a single 4GB module..if i am getting u right hehe
  5. Asus M4A77TD Pro + 955 = $392
    PC3-12800/1600 Corsair CL9 4GB = $195

    These are my recommendations. The mobo is not the cheapest, but the cheapest good ATX board. The others are mATX boards. You can substitute the cpu/mobo/ram in your original list with these. If total is still too much, you can get by with a bare minimal 500W PSU for the HD 5850. Like these:

    OCZ Modxstream-Pro 500 Watts $105
    EnerMax EN-ECO 80+ 500W $119
    CoolerMaster Extreme Plus 550W $89 (not as good as the 1st two)
  6. I would rate the Gigabyte 770T-UD3P higher than that Asus having worked with both actually and its cheaper in the USA but not where TS is at hehe
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