Usb disk is locked, I cant delete or add files. the usb drive says it is locked

Hello, I have a 32 gb kingston flash disk which I cant delete or add files to. The response from windows is that the drive is lock protected. use another drive. Does anyone have a solution to this problem please?
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  1. 1) Some drives have a little slider switch for write protection. Examine your drive closely to see if there is one.

    2) If not, a look at the recent forums will show you at least a hundred such threads. Flash drives seem to be simply unreliable. While some cases are fixed with registry policy changes or resolving other obscure issues, the majority require that you copy all the data off the device and then reformat it (see near the end of ). T

    Am I missing something, or are these devices failing a lot, or are there simply so darned many of them out there that a reasonable failure rate translates to a crapload of failures?
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