Processor overheating because either the fans were shorted or the motherboard wa

So two days ago I was trying to install a wireless G adapter into one of my pci slots. I was kind of in a rush and i made a rookie mistake of not turning my pc off.

So, when i had to remove the metal backplate off the case it came in contact with the Motherboard( and there was a little electricity that sparked(not really sparked but it was visible)

and now my Processor(core 2 quad 8400) is overheating to insane heights. So i guess my question is whats piece of hardware is at fault? Motherboard, fans, or even the processor?
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  1. Might be what determines when the fan goes to high or something? Check HWmonitor and watch the CPU temps and fan RPM's and put 1 and 1 together.

    I doubt it's the processor
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