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Looking to make my 1st watercooling build, I want it to be a silent build rather than a performance build. It will be cooling an i5 750 (@3.2Ghz) and maybe expanded to a 670 at some point in the future when I upgrade my gpu. I'm after some advice on if it will all fit (both in the case and all together) and if people can give me any help on direction of parts. I really like the 550D and would like to stay with this case if possible.

With the 550D I know i need a very slim rad for the top and don't know what fans to get and if there is a better radiator to keep the noise down.
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  1. Found this link which shows about 50mm of clearance for a rad & fans:,8.html
  2. Having scoped out some 550d pics, the only 'watercooled' ones I found were just allinone coolers like the H50,
    Had you considered mounting the rad on top of the case, or even in an external radbox?
    for silence purposes filling a radbox with slow fans is about as golden as it gets,
    but how far are you willing/able to go?
  3. I managed to get a corsair 550d super cheap today so picked it up and it looks like I have around 55mm of space for the rad and fans on the top of the case (just over 2"), that should be enough for the slim rad and 25mm fans. Any one else able to help me out with my selection? assuming the rad and fans fit, how does everything else look that I've chosen?
  4. Link just goes to the log in screen mate,
    For an Oc and potentially a card as well you are looking at one 360 rad plus another 120/140 minimum, and I'm not confident thats going in the case (at least not with the Pc in there as well hehe) but post the details or working link and we'll check out the list for you,
    any chance of getting another 550d to use as a dedicated radbox maybe?
    or was it a one-off deal? because that would really open up your options
  5. If you are considering an external rad think about a MoRa or similar 9x rad.
    You get all kinds of mounting options (a stand, wall mounted, bolted to the case), and it is going to be enough cooling for just about any configuration you can dream up.
    Of course it is also massive overkill for your current cooling requirements, so you can use <500rpm fans.
    Plus you don't need to modify your shiny new case.
  6. sorry guys, didn't realise you couldn't see the items in the wish list without logging in, here they are:

    XSPC EX240 Radiator
    EK-DCP 4.0 12V DC Pump
    EK-Supreme LTX - Acetal+EN (Nickel)
    Bitspower G1/4 Matte Black 1/2 Compression Fitting CC5 x6
    PrimoChill PrimoFlex Pro LRT Tubing White 1/2ID 3/4OD
    EK-Bay Spin Reservoir Acetal
    Scythe 120mm Gentle Typhoon 1850RPM Fan x2
    EK-Ekoolant Clear (premix 1000mL)

    I can fit 2x 240mm rad's in the case without much modding (just have to take out the hdd trays which is fine as I can mount the SSD elsewhere in the case and most of my storage is on a NAS drive. Would 1 240 be enough for a cpu (very mild oc) and another 240 be enough for a single gpu?

    it was a one off on ebay so not likely for another to appear at such a low cost unfortunately. I'm mainly looking for silent operation and not so worried about doing any overclocking.
  7. Two 240's should hold you fine if the Oc isn't going to be extreme :),
    lose the EK Nickel though, copper blocks from them or choose another manufacturer if you prefer the nickel look
    You look a bit shorrt on fittings for two rads, and the premix coolant, swap that for plain distilled water and a killcoil
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