Best 23-24 inch monitor for Dual Monitor

Hello Everyone,

I am quite a new member here but I really like this forum.

I would like to know what is the best 23 or 24 monitor that I can buy for a nearly cheap price (£200 and under) as I want to go for dual monitor and want to buy 2 same displays. So, I want a screen with high resolution, high quality, sharp and bright screen, etc. as I'm a programmer and I spend most of my day at my computer.

It would be great if you can also tell me what is the best place to order the monitor from online.

I will really appreciate responses, suggestions, ideas, etc.
Thanks a lot
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  1. i got a Samsung Syncmaster 2343bwx, i paid 199.99 CAD for it a few months ago. The reason it was so cheap is because the native resolution for this 23inch lcd monitor is 2048x1152 which is huge. It is easily big enough for two internet windows side by side.

    The picture quality for this monitor is top notch, and the brightness is very high, i keep it on medium settings.
  2. Thanks karlmalowned for replying.
    Can you tell me if this resolution is fine and is supported in applications and windows since I don't like to lose part of my screen while working with some programs or games and I don't want it to stretch anything in the screen.

    I'm stuck between choosing 2343 syncmaster, this one: Samsung SM2333SW ,this one: LG W2361V. And this one Asus 24" VH242H !

    So which one you guys suggest?
    I really appreciate help... :)
  3. I believe that the best set up if you want more than one monitor is to have 3 monitors. One really big one in the middle and then 2 smaller ones on each side.
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