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Im getting a asus 890gx pro/usb3 mobo and realized my front panel connections in my case will not fit the new mobo the way it is setup now.I have one of those 10 pin usb header looking front panel headers not the 2 pin individual headers,but mine also has a 2 pin reset switch in it.Im not worried about anything else being on the mobo but the power switch.How would I remove the wires with pins from the header and then place them back into the header in the right places?
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  1. You may not need to. Your case panel lead is most likely a 9 pin design, with one pin blocked out. They fit many boards, not just oem but also asus and msi. It won't hurt anything to try it out, as long as you're on the right cluster of pins. All the front panel connections are low voltage on this cluster. Mine fit perfectly, and all my case led's worked fine. If not, try off-setting the connector, leaving the empty section hanging out away from the pins.
  2. Its not that,the pins are actually completley in the wrong spots going from side to side pos/neg instead of along the long way of the header,which is what the manual calls for.I have the pdf manual in front of me while we speak.I took a needle and bent back the little plastic clip (very gently) that holds the pin in the header and to my luck and suprise it came out and now all I have to do is put them back in the correct places.
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