System crash

Hello! im george from greece,

i have this computer

Intel Core I7-920 (s1366, 2.66 GHz, Cache 8MP, Box)
3x Western Digital RE3 250GB HDD (16MB Cache, 7200 rpm, Sata 2, WD2502ABYS) [RAID 0] Intel ICH10R drivers
1 wd 250 gb IDE old disk
Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512MB Vapor-X video card
MSI X58 PRO (1366, X58, DDR3)
Corsair 6GB DDR3-1600 Ram Kit (3 x 2GB, PC3 12800, 8-8-8-24, TR3X6G1600C8D)
Zalman ZM600-HP PSU (600W)

My system runs on WINDOWS 7 x64 bit, i have crash problems, while im working, everything runs normal, my pc suddenly crash, close and restart, i dont know what the problem is, does anyone have an idea of what's wrong?
i also had installed vista 64 bit, had the same problems

please someone help me, i don't know what to do
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  1. I think u are with that PSU on the limits, maybe u need a PSU upgrade. Maybe sure. A min of 750W.

    And check up the hard-drives also. Do this first.
  2. Try a different PSU? You have a lot of stuff in that case, a power hungru GPU, 4 hard drives, 3 memory modules, ....

    How far does it go in Prime95? What other burn in tests have you done?
  3. so i have to try prime95 first? will this program tell me what to do? or is a simple crash test?
  4. then which psu do you suggest me to buy?
  5. i havent done any test i will try this one
  6. Prime 95 will give you clues if your hardware is failing through stress tests. If your system gives errors in less than 5 or 10 minutes, it means a part or parts of your hardware "fails" at ceratin points.

    But it doesn't mean your hardware is broken. Each component could still be genuinely perfect and runs perfectly at the manufacturer's specs. All you might need to do is adjust your BIOS.
  7. I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a new PSU. Your PSU might be okay and you would waste cash getting a new one. I'm saying do your research, add up how much power your system uses at idle and at full load, and compare that against your PSU's specs.

    When you add up the power ussage of your components, don't forget anything, ie cd/DVD burners, aftermarket CPU cooler fan, case fans, etc....
  8. thanx a lot ill try my best, im not a pro user so i hope i will understand what to do with the prime 95
  9. hello again, im trying to enter

    but it seems that its not working

    is the link tha prime95 gives tou enter and create an account

    can you help me, do i need to make an account to run the test with prime 95?

    im not a pro user so i dont know exactly what to do, or is there any other more easy to use tests?
  10. well i tried the stability test v6, i couldn't understand how to use the prime95, but stability test v6 has it self the prime95 test.. so i tried it and the results...

    my pc turns of when i start the test! or after 5 minutes, or in 2 minutes, every time is different... so, i cant understand whats wrong... :( i spent 1200 euro for my pc and something is wrong :( but i dont know what, and i dont know what to do to find out..

    i think i should try to go to a computer technician
  11. How old is the PC? Doesn't the store have a return policy?
  12. To me that either says heat or not enough power.

    Well, or the RAM settings are wrong and you need to manually set them in the BIOS
  13. the ram settings are ok they are running at 1600mhz with xmp ON

    i also made some temperature test and the results: on full cpu load, 80 C

    i hope the psu need replacement, or i dont know what... i will try to use the guarantie of the product to change it with a new one
  14. i also tried to use my usb stick and when it was reading or deleting files from, again the pc shuts down :(
  15. 80c seems high to me. But then I haven't used any of the i-series myself.
  16. hi guys i think i found which the problem is! my motherboard supports Extreme Memory Profile (XMP 1.2) from Intel, when i boost the Ram the memory runs at 1600 MHz, with out the boost runs at 1066, only at 1066 my pc runs smoothly and dont crash, so probaly the motherboard has the problem, i think i should try to change the motherboard :(
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