Trouble with IRST, hard drives gone.

Hi guys,

I'm having a little trouble with Intel Smart Response, having followed the manual to the letter. I installed both my HDD and SSD in my PC before booting it up, booted it up, and changed PCH SATA Control mode to RAID(XHD) in BIOS. I then installed Win7 to the HDD, and installed all drivers, after which I rebooted.

I then launched the ISRT program and set some of my SSD to ISRT, after which I restarted. When it tried to boot up again it could not find an OS, so I went into BIOS and found that it no longer recognised either the HDD or SSD in any of my IDE channels. They'd simply vanished and all I had was my DVD drive in there. Why has this happened?

Any help would be awesome.

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  1. if you have a gigabyte board just install your os on your HDD without plugging your ssd and after installation install the ssd and thru intel RST you will be able to config the smart response tech.Thats what I did for my old setup.
  2. Yeah I've got a GA-z68xp-ud3p.

    Right, well I've just removed the SSD, went into component configurator and removed the raid config from the HDD, and booted from DVD drive again. I'll reinstall Win7 on the HDD and then try plugging in the SSD.

    Iwonder why the manual told me to install both the HDD and SSD first...
  3. sometimes you just have bad luck,great to hear you fixed your problem and btw ISRT really works!
  4. Yeah I reinstalled using the above method and all works well now! :) The only thing I've noticed is that the remainder of space on my SSD doesn't appear in my available storage, so not sure where that's gone....
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