Connect external hdd w/movies via usb to xbox/internet box for tv play

I have a lot of dvd in binders just taking up space and I am not very good at putting them away either. LOL I decided to rip them all to a hard drive. I want to know if there are devices out there that I can just connect the hard drive to via usb and play the movies? I know that I can use a Media Center Extender on my 360 but I didn't really want to keep all these movies on my pcs hard drive. I based that decision on the idea that if I am streaming a movie from my laptop, it would slow it down if I decided to use it while the movie was playing; plus I want to be able to play movies on other tvs besides just the one with the 360 connected to it. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. There are loads of different devices that will do this.

    I'm partial to the WD line of them

    These also seem to be pretty popular,

    There are many many more as well.
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