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hello everyone
I have a problem with my hard drive. everything was fine until a few weeks ago, I connect my hard drive to another 2 PCs for data transferring and on the 3rd PC my hard doesn't work. at first I thought it's a problem from the 3rd PC but when I came back and connect the hard to my PC... OOPS! nothing! all 1TB gone. system bios detects hard drive but shows wrong capacity of 33MB (as I mentioned my hard drive is 1TB)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after a week, I installed Linux on a second hard disc. the point is Linux can detect the hard, all of it (including files and partitions). everything is on it's right place. after that, I found a trick for booting with my 1TB hard drive. every time I boot to a live Linux and then restart the PC!!! even system bios will detect my hard drive with correct capacity!!!!!!!!!!! but the annoying part is after every shut down I have to do the same thing. I tried to fix MBR but it doesn't work. can anybody help me please?
extra informations:
-Hard: Maxtor 1TB
-MB: Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
-bios version: F12
-error message: A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart
-only a hard at time
-I'm using this hard for 2 years and I've never had any problems with it except fort this one
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  1. Were I in your shoes, I would use Linux to copy all the files to a nice new disk, or one from my spares drawer, then use that disk. Download the Maxtor drive diagnostics and run them. If the drive is bad, RMA it. If it's good, re-initialize, partition, format, and see if you really want to trust it again or just chuck it.

    My basic feeling is that if you can access that data in any way, the first thing to do is to copy it to another location.
  2. what sata controller driver you using?Is it intel RST?I had similar problem except that my hard drive is detected in bios but I can not see it in my computer so I uninstalled the intel sata controller driver under Hard Disk tab in Device manager and after reboot pc itself was installing standard ahic controller automaticly and after 1 more reboot system detects my 1tb hard drive.hope this helps
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    There is nothing wrong with your drive. The problem is a bug in Gigabyte's BIOS.

    See Q2:
  4. thank you all for your responds
    to those who has similar problem, as "fzabkar" mentioned, the problem source is Mainboards' Bios. I just made my hard alive using "HDD Capacity Restore" application and It has no more problems.
    thank you dear fzabkar for your helps. :love: :love:
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