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can anyone explain the difference to me between the core i7 from, say summer to the "new" ones on intels site now?

I was told its the same architecture but just a smaller die?

any ideas?
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  1. Currently all i7's are 45nm die's but on two different sockets. The i7 9xx's are on Socket 1366 and the i7 8xx's are on Socket 1156, which both have different architecture.

    The new i7 980-X (6-cores) will be based off of a 32nm die and be on the Socket 1366 with different architecture. Intel is releasing an i7 930 to replace the i7 920 but I haven't seen conformation if it will be a 45nm or 32nm die (I've heard both :) ) I have not heard of any other new CPU's being released for the Core i7 besides the i7 980-X and i7 930.

    I would not recommend purchasing an i7 950. I would wait for the i7 930 to be released or pickup the i7 920. The i7 950 isn't worth the cost difference for the little performance increase at stock speeds you get.. IMO.
  2. I have the core i7 950, got it back in the summer.. decent chip?

    so is what I have ?
  3. There are differences in the architecture. The i7 9xx's use socket 1366. The i7 8xx's use socket 1156.

    For details about the 1156 CPUs, see this article:,2410.html
    There is also a good compare between the two architectures starting on page 2 and continuing on and off throughout the article.

    Here's another in-depth on the new socket 1156 (Lynnfield) CPUs that compares the 1366 (Bloomfield) CPUs:
    And the i7 860 specifically:

    EDIT: Looks like I was a little slow in responding. That's what happens when I try to dig up articles while eating. If you have something that you didn't get yesterday it's "outdated"! I wouldn't worry about it. Yes, that's a decent chip.
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