Which graphics card to use on Samsung Full HD 40 inches LCD

hello friends i just bought a Samsung 40 inches Full HD 1080p LCD, and have a CPU with Motherboard as follows:
Maximus Formula series
4 gb Kingston Hyper Ram
2.2 Quad Core CPU
i had a Asus 8800 gts graphics card 512 overclock edition, which i was using on another monitor, for a while i was working on my macbook pro, so i was not using the CPU for a while, but now when i tried to start it after a year it has stopped working as it has developed some snag, just bought a 40 inches LCD and tried connecting to my CPU, but there was no display, my Computer mechanic told me my graphics card has conked off, forcing me to lookout for another graphics card, kindly reply and help me buy a Graphics card for a 40 inches Full HD LCD screen, for playing games like Flight Simulator X , CRYSIS etc, if possible pls reply on Pawan737ng@yahoo.com, i am flying to USA in middle of December 2009, and plan to buy it from there, i will appreciate all replies and thanks to all of u in advance, Pawan
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  1. Hi Pawan,

    I read your post and in my opinion, the best card to get is the ati 5770 or 4890. Both of them cost less than $200, and both can play games using high resolutions. I have both cards in 2 different PCs and I've observed that their performance is almost the same as I use them in 1280 x 1024 pixels in 17 inch monitors. The ones I have are as follows:

    Sapphire 4890 (new edition)

    High end video card
    256 bit card
    built in hdmi output (for connecting to your samsung lcd tv)
    i can play crysis all on high settings with good framerates (i also connect it to a 40 inch lcd tv)

    this card requires atleast 500w power supply ( i have corsair 750w since i have a quad core cpu)
    this card eats lots of electricity 190 watts
    doesn't seem to support 2 displays at the same time

    Here are some pictures of my pc and video card, you can see that it is a long card, almost as long as the width of my micro atx motherboard:



    And here is the score I had using 3Dmark06:


    Sapphire 5770 (Juniper XT)

    Mid / Average video card
    128 bit card
    utilizes directx 11 for windows 7
    built in 2 dvi ports (supports 2 monitors at the same time)
    built in hdmi (can connect directly to lcd tv using hdmi cable)
    built in video port (supports 3 monitors 2 dvi and 1 video port) they call it eyefinity technology
    uses less electricity 110 watts
    can also play games at high settings but when we use 2 monitors at the same time, 1 for playing games, 1 monitor viewing a dvd movie, the game seems to slow down a little bit

    for $30 more, you can buy a 4890
    no cons really aside from its drivers are still being improved by ati for better performance

    Here are some pictures of the 5770:



    Here's the 5770 3Dmark06 score:


    Ok I hope that'll help you decide which video card to buy. Don't just buy an expensive over rated video card just because people say so. Doing some research could actually save you lots of money.
  2. Yeah, we will need to know what kind of PSU you have as well as what kind of budget you are thinking of.
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