Explain difference between ddr2 ddr3 ram

what is difference between ddr2 and ddr3 memory
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  1. DDR3 is essentially the same but runs faster and uses less energy (specified to run at 1.5V but can be higher or lower).

    The notch is in a different slot so you can't use DDR3 in DDR2 or DDR slots.
  2. If you wan't to get technical:

    Old SDRAM - One memory operation per cycle

    DDR - One memory operation on the rise of a cycle, another at the fall (thus, double data rate)

    DDR2 - Same as DDR, with an internal clock runing at half the external clock. This allows it to handle twice the frequency, thus being up to twice as fast (the lower frequency on the internal clock causes it to have a bigger latency, so typically a DDR2 memory doesn't run twice as fast as DDR 1 when it doubles its frequency.

    DDR3 - Basically the same trick again, doubling DDR2 peak bus frequency, and further increasing latency.

    Also, every iteration of memory technology lowers operating voltage, thus reducing heat and power consumption.
  3. http://www.anandtech.com/show/2232/7
    this site will help you to understand little bit more.
    for me ddr3 and ddr2 difference are speed and lower voltage use.
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