Random mouse clicks creates crash

random crash only right after double click of mouse. What are the number of possibilities and what are they.
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  1. Did you try updating your mouse driver?
  2. No, same system configuration no updates to hardware drivers so far. I have a logitech mouse and my operating system is XP. Maybe it makes sense to reinstall mouse driver? Thanks for quick response.
  3. actually I wouldnt install any mouse drivers at all. remove any logitech mouse drivers and see if the problem continues.
  4. Thanks, in error the mouse type cited was wrong due to fact on first reply I had the "parts slip" in front of me and it indicated incorrectly "Logitech wheel mouse" Actually when I checked original equipment mouse and hardware setting on computer it turns to be a wheel mouse but Microsoft PS/2 mouse. No logitech programs loaded on computer. Fiver years of experience with this intermittent problem, sudden screen blank shut down ( BCCode 50), my estimation is it has happened at most 200 times but always right after a mouse double click. At first it happened very infrequently, for example once every 4-6 weeks, but recently it has been happening more often. If I stop using the mouse, which goes with device driver removal, I do not expect to see the problem but also can't get work done. FYI I typically turn off computer when not using it but one time, fairly recently, I forgot to turn it off and left it on continuous for several days and the problem did not occur.
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