Plz Recommend Router Other Than Linksys Product

Can anyone recommend a gigabit router (under $150) with at least 4 ethernet ports and wireless as well.. preferably as configurable as possible (NAT, PAT, UPnp -- that works, etc...)

I'm burned out with linksys.. Their products are absolute junk these days.

Thx for any info..
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  1. I've used D-Link, Netgear and Linksys (most of it secondhand) . I've never heard bad stuff about Linksys hardware.

    Fact is you can choose the cheapest stuff (I use a Dynamode adapter and they are a smaller firm) and it'll work -- everyone use the same pool of chipset makers.

    The difference ought to come when there's a problem -- good support costs money though, oddly, I've experienced poor support from Cisco/Linksys and 3Com.
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