Best $100-125 graphics card for 400W PSU system

Subject says it all - What do you recommend for $100-125 for a system with a 400W power supply?
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  1. ati 5750
  2. Thanks for the response. Checked newegg, specs tend to list 450W recommended. Is that just marketing spiel? I don't have a anything else really high power going on - one hard drive, intel core2duo E8400, wireless networking card. nothing fancy.
  3. if u have a branded psu , get a 4770 for 99 dollars from newegg today . the 4850s are costlier , and u could overclock that 4770 .

    edit : sapphire 4770 .
  4. the 5750 performs like the 4850 but uses less power then the 4770
  5. the 5750 is also costlier by 45 dollars , $144 for the sapphire 5750 on the egg compared to the sapphire 4770 for $99 .

    it only saves , at max , 8 watts at idle and 5 watts at load :-

    check out its overclocked performance in this :-

    i would say it is a bargain at 99 dollars !
  6. Videocard Manufacturers suggested PSU ratings are to compensate for the cheap overrated, unbranded PSUs that are all to common. If you have a decent PSU, you should be fine.
  7. Thanks guys. It's corsair psu, so I'll decide what my specific price point is and choose from your suggestions.
  8. Enjoy your new hardware :D
  9. yeah , the joy of getting new hardware , i buy from pick up stores and like checking it out , as i have a microcenter nearby . no more waiting for UPS on most items .
  10. If it's a Corsair then in your price range you can also handle a GTS 250 or if you are willing to expand it a HD5770 is a very nice card.
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