This a good gaming board?

Is the gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H a good midrange/semi high end gaming board?
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  1. Motherboard has a little effect on gaming,what is your CPU/VGA and RAM ?
  2. If you are thinking about using the onboard gpu for games, I would say you that it's not a good idea at all. The mobo is a good one, but if you want to run games you need a PCIe graphic card. The ATI 5770 has a very good price/performance ratio.
  3. yea im using the xfx XXX edition radeon 5770 umm 4 gigs of DDR 3 ram but only 3.25 avaliable since im still using XP and cpu is amd athlon X2 245 2.9ghz
  4. Then that motherboard would be a good choice,but how much do you want to spend ? you may be able to find better boards
  5. ehh i already have it but if i wanted to upgrade i would probly spend 100-160 on a mobo
  6. If you already have it,then keep it,it will be fine
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